2500kg Hand Pallet Truck Pramac GS EVO

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The 2500kg Hand Pallet Truck Pramac GS EVO is the top choice for hand pallet truck: designed for an intensive use with maximum easiness of use and superior ergonomics.  Available in a wide range of options, the 2500kg Hand Pallet Truck Pramac GS EVO is the right tool for customer that is looking for a tailored product for his application or simply a great professional tool.

The 2500kg Hand Pallet Truck Pramac GS EVO has a 3D Superior Ergonomic shape tiller. This tiller has a special 3D design, with enhanced ergonomics. Compared to a conventional tiller, this shape allows the operator to have a good position when pushing the loads with maximum efficiency without fatigue. This thanks to two large grasping side areas, the 2500kg Hand Pallet Truck Pramac GS EVO is specifically designed to have a correct position during operation of the truck.

The 2500kg Hand Pallet Truck Pramac GS EVO has entry/exit rollers. Supplementary rollers to allow easier entrance and quicker exit from a closed pallet, reducing the impact on the main rollers and guaranteeing a longer life.

The 2500kg Hand Pallet Truck Pramac GS EVO following an appropriate conditioning operation the frame is varnished with polyester powder at a temperature of 250° to guarantee maximum resistance to wear and atmospheric agents.

The 2500kg Hand Pallet Truck Pramac GS EVO tiller is easy to assemble with a fast mounting system. Robust tiller connection with two full welded joints that assure superior sturdiness in the toughest application.

The 2500kg Hand Pallet Truck Pramac GS EVO pump has been designed with extreme care of details in order to have superior characteristics and features, such as:-

  • Monolithic design: the resistant and reliable one-piece cast iron housing protects all components avoiding any accidental damages. Pump housing is processed with CNC machines to achieve high precision tolerances and high accuracy.
  • Chromed piston rod and oil seal: in order to avoid rust and prevent oil leakage during the use.
  • Maximum pressure valve: safety device that protects the transpallet against overloads.
  • PROPORTIONAL LOWERING VALVE: lowering speed can be proportionally controlled according to the lever position on the tiller. Perfect working tool to carry fragile and delicate loads like crystal, glass and ceramics.
  • Pre-built before delivery. No assembly required.
  • 1 Year Parts and Labour On-Site Warranty
  • FREE Delivery to mainland UK

Product Reference
Manufacturer Pramac
Model GS EVO 25
Lifting Capacity
Fork Dimensions

400mm x 800mm

525mm x 1000mm

525mm x 1150mm

525mm x 1220mm

525mm x 2000mm

525mm x 2400mm

685mm x 1000mm

Overall Width Across the Fork Width (A)




Fork Length (B)







Gap Between Forks (C)

100mm (400mm Fork Width)

225mm (525mm Fork Width)

385mm (685mm Fork Width)

Each Fork Width (D)
Steer Wheel
Load Roller Wheel Options
Polyurethane Tandem
Lifting Height
85mm to 200mm
Minimum Fork Height
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Pramac EVO25-400x800 Brochure

Pramac EVO25-525x1000 Brochure

Pramac EVO25-525x1150 Brochure

Pramac EVO25-525x1220 Brochure

Pramac EVO25-525x2000 Brochure

Pramac EVO25-525x2400 Brochure

Pramac EVO25-685x1000 Brochure

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