1000kg Manual Straddle Pallet Stacker

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Manufacturer Lift Mate
Model KI1000SA
Type of Control
Manual Push and Pull
Type of Pump

Manual Hydraulic

Pump Stroke 25mm
Type of Pallet Stacker Adjustable Forks
Lifting Capacity 1000kg
Lifting Height Options



Fork Length
Fork Span

240mm to 940mm (1600mm lift height)

240mm to 700mm (2500mm lift height)

Lowered Fork Height 85mm
Steer Wheels


Load Roller Wheels


Delivery Lead Time

2 - 3 days

Product Brochure
  • Robust construction
  • Can handle closed bottom pallets up to 1200mm x 1200mm
  • Straddle legs provide excellent balance
  • Adjustable forks fitted as standard
  • Swivel castor steer wheels
  • Safety valve prevents overloading
  • Adjustable lowering speed