Do you run an e-commerce business and need a reliable stock picker? Pallet Trucks Direct pride ourselves on offering the best prices for material handling equipment, including the highest quality stock pickers for high and medium level orders.

Whether you’re looking to buy or hire a stock picker, Pallet Trucks Direct can provide all the information you need on our available equipment.

Our stock pickers include the EP JXO Medium Level Order Picker which is compact and flexible. This piece of equipment offers a durable driving system and a small radius turning, with a solid mast structure and stable chassis design; it also has a high efficiency hydraulic system and is comfortable to drive.

Discover a strong stock picker much more affordable than expensive VNA trucks.

We also have the EP JX1 High Level Order Picker which comes with a one year warranty. This revolutionary order picker has a lift height of up to 6,380mm and is extremely easy to operate.

User-friendly and compact in size, it’s ideal for e-commerce centres, spare parts centres and anyone picking small goods. Operators can see the driving directions at any time on the digital screen in front of them. This stock picker is unique in the way it can improve your daily operations, being convenient, affordable and extremely reliable.

Why not explore our collection of stock pickers today?


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