Adjustable Hand Pallet Trucks

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Type of Control
Type of Pallet Truck Adjustable
Lifting Capacity 2200kg
Type of Pump


Lifting Height 196mm
Minimum Lowered Height 76mm
Overall Width Options

400mm to 520mm

530mm to 680mm

Fork Length Options




Width Of Each Fork 150mm
Gap Between Forks

100mm to 220mm (400mm to 520mm Overall Width)

230mm to 380mm (530mm to 680mm Overall Width)

Steer Wheels


Load Roller Wheels

Polyurethane Single

Manufacturer Lift Mate
Model PTA22
Truck Weight


Delivery Lead Time

1 - 2 days

Product Brochure
Instruction Manual

    The Lift Mate PTA22 pallet truck is a unique product that offers users unequalled versatility. It is designed to address a common problem in today’s warehousing environment where a number of different
    pallet types are used. Normally, companies would have to purchase pallet trucks of several sizes in order to cope with a variety of pallets. The Lift Mate PTA22 can be changed to a different sized pallet truck by adjusting its fork spread. In addition to its unique width changing capability the Lift Mate PTA22 is designed and built to excel in all other areas. Just compare its specification with any other make on the market:

    One Lift Mate PTA22 replaces at least two other pallet trucks. Model PTA22M has an adjustable width over forks from 400 to 520mm. Model PTA22L has an adjustable width over forks from 530 to 680mm. To change the width, just loosen the front and rear bolts, slide forks to the desired position and tighten the bolts again. The hexagon key necessary for the change is supplied with each truck and
    is placed in a holder between the hydraulic unit and THE SAME TRUCK AND THE SAME PALLET chassis. The whole operation takes just 2-3 minutes.