EP Equipment EPL 151 Electric 1500kg Pallet Truck - 540mm x 1150mm

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The EPL 151 can easily be called the next generation pallet truck. Based on the success of previous entry level electric pallet trucks, EP Equipment developed the EPL 151 based on the demands of thousands of customers around the world.

The main characteristics of the trucks:-

  • Plug&Play Li-Ion Battery
  • Full steel chassis
  • Support wheels for higher stability
  • Smallest chassis of a 1500kg fully electric pallet truck on the market

The EPL 151 full electric pallet truck plays out its strength in normal duty application in the warehouse, on the lorry and in production facilities. With a capacity of 1500kg and a Plug&Play Li-Ion battery, it can be opportunity charged and will be available when needed. Due to its compact size, it fits perfect into the transport industry to be used on taillifts with limited capacity.

With its new, 24V 55Ah Lithium Ion Battery, the EPL 151 is more flexible than ever before. With a weight of only 13 kg, the battery can be easily exchanged and charged in the warehouse, lorry or any other place with standard power outlet.

Truck Make
Type of Pallet Truck
Type of Drive
Type of Pump
EP Equipment
EPL 151
Fully Electric Powered
Electric Lift and Lowering

Lifting Capacity
Lifting Height
Minimum Lowered Height
Overall Width Across the Forks
Fork Length
Each Fork Width

Drive Wheel
Stabiliser Wheels
Load Roller Wheels
Product Brochure
Polyurethane 210mm
Polyurethane Tandem
24v / 55Ah Li-Lon Plug & Play Battery
24v / 20a
EP EPL151 Product Brochure

      Rubber Wheels
      These are now the most popular steer wheel option due to the reduced noise levels inside warehouses and shop floors during operation. Rubber steer wheels are the softest type and flex for a better ride.

      Polyuethane Wheels
      Polyurethane wheels are firmer than Rubber, so it doesn't flex or deflect as much as Rubber. They are slightly noiser than rubber but will last a little longer depending on operation environment.

      Nylon Wheels
      Nylon wheels are the hardest compound of wheels but this makes them the most noisy.

      24 Months Parts and Labour On-Site Warranty

      All our new products come with a 24 months parts and labour warranty.

      All repairs are carried out by our fully qualified service engineers at your location.