Daily Visual Inspection Checklist For EP Batteries

This lithium battery daily inspection checklist relates to all pallet trucks with
24V/20AH(30AH), 48V/20AH(30AH) plug-in lithium battery. Those batteries are
used in all models EPL1531, HPL152, EPT12-EZ, EPL151, EPL154,

Please be aware that legally every person who owns, operates or controls any
work equipment and machinery used in any workplace has the duty to ensure
that it is fit for use trough appropriate inspection and maintenance regimes.

Also in the operator manuals the regular checks are listed as obligation to the operator and owner of the equipment.  To further ensure the long lifetime of the product as well as the safe usage of the battery, the manufacturer EP Equipment emphasizes the importance of visual inspections of the product.

The daily visual inspection of the battery only takes a short look on the bottom of the battery.  The battery is safe to use, unless:-

  • the battery is swollen or damaged
  • the battery is leaking electrolyte.

Leaking or damaged battery can have internal leakage of electrolyte and can go into thermal runaway.

On the next page you find a quick checklist for the operator. If you find anything of the above during your visual inspection or you are not sure, take the battery out of service, store the battery in a safe place, at least 2 meters away from flammable material and contact your local service provider.

Daily visual inspection checklist for batteries:

  • Is the battery damaged?
  • Is the battery swollen?

Look at the bottom of the battery:

  • Is the battery is leaking electrolyte?

If no damage or leaking: the battery is safe to use