Need a pallet truck for a short-term project or looking to invest in the latest model?

Pallet Trucks are dedicated to finding the best pallet truck for your business, whether you’re looking to buy or hire this summer.

Why hire a machine with Pallet Trucks Direct?

No matter if you need to hire a pallet truck short-term or long-term, Pallet Trucks Direct have a great choice of quality equipment. Among our range of pallet trucks are those which carry loads up to 2500kg, which are ideal for those heavier loads.

Our long-term hire is available from 12 months to 7 years. But if that’s not suitable for your business, outright purchase or short-term hire might be better. With our contracts, you’ll never have to worry about maintenance and servicing- we will cover any breakdowns and carry out repairs on-site.

Industry-standard pallet trucks at competitive prices.

Our friendly team are always keen to find the right pallet trucks for your needs. We have all kinds of manufacturers and models to choose from, with various capacities and types available.

Rated highly by our previous customers, we pride ourselves on offering five-star services at all times.

For more information, simply get in touch today.

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