Manual pallet stackers are usually cheaper than electric since they have electrical components. They are renowned for being durable and reliable, with robust and sturdy designs which are easier to maintain than electric. However, the downside is they can be more hard work to operate. 

Pallet Trucks Direct has an extensive range of manual pallet stackers, including Wrap-Over Trucks which are a cheap solution for stacking pallets or lifting pallets into racking.

They have fixed wrap-over forks which are designed for open bottom pallets and stillages; this means they cannot be used with closed bottom pallets.

We also have Manual Adjustable Fork Pallet Stackers which are ideal for larger pallets or lifting them onto racking. They have adjustable forks that can be moved to drop down between or outside support legs. This type of stacker is designed for open bottom pallets and stillages.

Lastly, we have Manual Straddle Pallet Stackers which are the ideal solution for handling closed bottom pallets up to 1200mm x 1200mm in size. Their straddle legs provide excellent balance and have adjustable forks fitted as standard.

Prices for all our materials handling solutions are highly competitive, with a huge range of machinery to choose from. Our pallet stackers come from leading brands like Lift Mate and we offer many excellent deals.

For more information on any of our manual pallet stackers, simply get in touch with our team today.

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