Hydraulic Unit Parts List

Ref Name Part Number
301 Lifting Cylinder Piston S0004013007 View
302 Cap, Pressure Return Spring G09007 View
303 Pressure Return Spring G001142 View
304 Piston Plunger S0014015003 View
305 Piston Body S0014385005 View
306 Chain Guide Pin S0004013008 View
307 Copper Washer G096006 View
308 Handle Support Bridge S0004011012 View
309 Pump-Up Roller S0004013001 View
310 Pump-Up Roller Pin Axle S0004013002 View
311A Polyurethane 200mm Steer Wheel S0014010233 View
311B Nylon 200mm Steer Wheel S0004010186 View
311C Rubber 200mm Steer Wheel S0002010169 View
312 Ball G016116 View
313 Spring G001104 View
314A Thrust Plate Bolt S0004015007 View
314B Thrust Plate Bolt S000003302 View
315 Wheel Dust Guard G091101 View
316 Opening Spill Pedal S000003901 View
317 Body Pump Bushing S0004018002 View
318 Balancing Steer Axle S0012010216 View
319 Balancing Axle S0012015031 View
320 Hydraulic Pump Unit P0PP00010 View
321 Hydraulic Oil Tank S0004018003 View
322 Hydraulic Oil Tank Cap S0004018001 View
323 Hydraulic Oil Tank Cover S0004018005 View
324A Thrust Plate S0014011030 View
324B Thrust Plate S000003109 View
325 Thrust Plate Bearing G010220 View
326 Hydraulic Cylinder Head S0004011024 View
334 Ball G016103 View
335 Cylinder Pad Bushing S0014018002 View
336 Elastic Roll Pin G044319 View
337 Circlip Retaining Ring G042120 View
338 Circlip Retaining Ring G042160 View
339 Elastic Roll Pin G044318 View
340 Release Valve Piston Plunger S000003908 View
341 Spring Release Valve Piston S000003900 View
342A Return Release Valve Complete
Serial numbers until HLI0358989
S000010074 View
342B Return Release Valve Complete
Serial numbers from HLI0358989
S000051001 View
344 Gasket Seal Kit Set P0KI00003 View


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