Main Frame Assembly Parts List

Ref Name Part Number
100A Frame 525mm x 1000mm V0001010351 View
100B Frame 525mm x 1150mm V0001010208
Manufactured until 13/07/2009
100C Frame 525mm x 1150mm V0001010304
Manufactured from 13/07/2009
101A Connecting Rod
Fork Length: 1000mm
S0002250524 View
101B Connecting Rod
Fork Length: 1150mm
S0002270525 View
102 Axle Pin S0002205038 View
103 Push Rod Bushing S0003005055 View
104 Rocker Arm 525mm Chassis Width V000003039-9005 View
105 Rocker Arm Axle S0003015038 View
106 Elastic Roll Pin G044304 View
107 Fork Wheel Bracket Axle S0002205040 View
108 Exit Roller G056104 View
109 Fork Load Wheel Bracket S0002201027 View
110A Nylon Single Load Roller Wheel S0002010131 View
110B Polyurethane Single Load Roller Wheel S0002010178 View
111 Spacer Bushing S0002206023 View
112 Axle, Single Load Roller Wheel S0002205039 View
113 Elastic Roll Pin G044319 View
114 Tandem Load Roller Wheel Rocker Holder S000003005 View
115A Nylon Tandem Load Roller Wheel S0002010132 View
115B Polyurethane Tandem Load Roller Wheel S0012050170 View
116 Tandem Load Roller Spacer S0012035029 View
118 Fork Entry Roller G056103 View
119 Fork Entry Roller Bracket G09660 View


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