Hydraulic Unit Spare Parts List

Ref Name Part Number
6 Handle Pump Roller Kit 128TA4459 View
7 Piston 128TA4460 View
8 Pressure Spring Cap 128TA4461 View
9 Pressure Return Spring 128TA4462 View
10 Seal Kit 128TA4463 View
11 Handle Pivot Bushing 128TA4464 View
12 Steer Wheel Hub Cap 128TA4465 View
13 Circlip 128TA4466 View
14A Nylon 180mm Steer Wheel 128TA4372 View
14B Rubber 180mm Steer Wheel 128TA4373 View
14C Polyurethane 180mm Steer Wheel 128TA4374 View
14D Polyurethane 200mm Steer Wheel 131TA5495 View
14E Rubber 200mm Steer Wheel 131TA5494 View
14F Nylon 200mm Steer Wheel 128TA4539 View
15 Elastic Roll Pin 128TA4467 View
16 Elastic Roll Pin 128TA4468 View
17 Pivot Bearing Spacer 128TA4469 View
18 Elastic Roll Pin 128TA4470 View
19 Thrust Plate 128TA4471 View
20 Grease Nipple 128TA4472 View
21 Circlip 128TA4473 View
22 Thrust Plate Bearing 128TA4474 View
23 Steer Wheel Axle 128TA4475 View
24 Pressure Release Valve 128TA4476 View
25 Release Valve Lever 128TA4477 View
26 Release Valve 128TA4478 View
27 Screw 128TA4479 View
28 Hydraulic Oil Tank Cover 128TA4480 View
29 Hydraulic Oil Tank 128TA4481 View
30 Piston Body 128TA4482 View
31 Handle Pivot Axle 128TA4483 View
32 Elastic Roll Pin 128TA4484 View
34 Steel Ball 128TA4486 View
35 Lift Cylinder Piston 128TA4487 View
36 Washer 128TA4488 View
37 Piston Body 134TA3675 View


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