Hydraulic Unit Parts List

Ref Name Part Number
1 Piston Hydraulic Pump Unit 144TA2754 View
2 Cap, Pressure Return Spring 144TA2752 View
3 Pressure Return Spring 144TA2753 View
4 Cylinder Head Complete 144TA2787 View
5 Steer Wheel Cap 144TA2757 View
6 Circlip Retaining Ring 144TA2758 View
7 Washer 144TA2759 View
8A Rubber 200mm Steer Wheel 144TA7484 View
8B Nylon 200mm Steer Wheel 144TA2958 View
8C Polyurethane 200mm Steer Wheel 144TA2957 View
9 Elastic Roll Pin 144TA2771 View
10 Elastic Roll Pin 144TA2762 View
11 Nilos Spacer Ring 144TA2788 View
12 Thrust Plate Bearing 144TA2766 View
13 Elastic Roll Pin 144TA2763 View
14 Thrust Plate 144TA2764 View
15 Grease Nipple 144TA2786 View
16 Circlip Retaining Ring 144TA2765 View
17 Axle, Steer Wheel 144TA2767 View
18 Release Valve Lever 144TA6577 View
19 Pressure Release Valve 144TA2772 View
20 Hydraulic Pump Housing 131TA5496 View
21 Screw Plug 144TA2775 View
22 Valve Release Kit 144TA2959 View
23 Lift Cylinder Piston 144TA2779 View
24 Steel Ball 144TA2780 View
25 Seal Kit 43150337 View


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