Hydraulic Unit Parts List

Ref Name Part Number
1 Elastic Roll Pin 144TA2911 View
2 Axle, Handle Pivot 144TA2909 View
3 Bracket, Tiller Complete 144TA2982 View
4 Pump Piston 144TA2860 View
5 Cap, Pressure Return Spring 144TA2861 View
6 Pressure Return Spring 144TA2862 View
7 Valve Release Kit 144TA2983 View
8 Lowering Valve Lever Control Arm 144TA6580 View
9 Elastic Roll Pin 144TA2901 View
10 Shaft Axle, Steer Wheel 144TA2875 View
11 Elastic Roll Pin 144TA2873 View
12 Cup Tapered Roller Bearing Spacer 144TA2917 View
13 Nilos Spacer Ring 144TA2879 View
14 Thrust Plate Bearing 144TA2880 View
15 Elastic Roll Pin 144TA2881 View
16 Thrust Plate 144TA2876 View
17 Grease Nipple 144TA2877 View
18 Circlip Retaining Ring 144TA2878 View
19 Cap, Steer Wheel 144TA2882 View
20 Circlip Retaining Ring 144TA2883 View
21 Shim Washer 144TA2884 View
22A Rubber 200mm Steer Wheel 14245376 View
22B Nylon 200mm Steer Wheel 144TA2979 View
22C Polyurethane 200mm Steer Wheel 144TA2978 View
23 Hydraulic Pump Unit 36365592 View
24 Pressure Release Valve Kit 144TA2980 View
25 Valve Release 144TA2981 View
26 Bushing, Handle Pivot 144TA2914 View
27 Screw 144TA2905 View
28 Lift Cylinder Piston 144TA2903 View
29 Steel Ball 144TA2902 View
30 Seal Kit 144TA2984 View


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