Hand Pallet Truck Stop N Chock

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Keep Pallet Trucks Secure With a Pallet Truck Chock: This pallet truck chock is the ideal solution for securing empty pallet trucks in the back of a delivery truck or to stop trucks from rolling off a loading bay. Made from a flexible but very strong moulded rubber construction, our pallet truck chocks are a very durable product with an extensive product life cycle even when in regular use.

This product chocks both the wheels, meaning the wheels will stay fixed in one place. Whether your organisation has just a couple of empty pump trucks at any one time or several dozen, a pallet truck chock is a simple, efficient and cost effective way to secure them safely, protecting your workforce and other equipment.

Holds pallet truck securely during transit, to prevent damage to vehicle or the pallet truck itself. Avoid Health & Safety risks to driver (no need to lift the pallet truck into a tyre).  UK made 100% recycled rubber Heavy duty but light weight flexible design Unique grip base for wet/ dusty conditions and uneven surfaces.
Strong hook so the chock can be stored/ transported easily by hooking onto the pallet truck handle Chock only weighs 1.4kg.
Designed to secure pallet truck wheels to eliminate freight and vehicle damage due to unsecured pallet trucks while in transit Ideal for delivery companies and other material handling applications

Part Number HPTSNC
Material Rubber
Product Description
Stop N Chock

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